The unique character of your local community is defined in large part by the business that reside there, and that plays a big factor in your overall satisfaction with where you live and the value of your property.

Torphins Community Hub - Shop local

Why create Torphins Hub?

This website was created to find and connect people across Torphins, boost the local economy and showcase what our village has to offer.

How much does it cost?

It will always be free. I wanted to give back to the local community so I have developed and hosted the web app free of charge.

Can we help?

Yes! Help your local businesses by using your local businesses. Oh, and tell your mum, sister, granny, and her dog about this site. The more businesses that use that site, the better! If you know a business in Torphins that isn't lisited, please get in touch.

I want to help!

The site was developed with coffee - a lot of coffee. Feel free to buy me one here:
Like the website? You can help!
Funds will be used to aid further development, a new domain, a better server, marketing and advertising.

Who can add a business?

If the business is from Torphins, then you can add a business via the register page. Each business will be checked for spam and will be approved or declined based on the business address. I may contact your business to ensure the details are correct. Businesses from Lumphanan and Kincardine O' Neil may be accepted as well.

My business doesn't fit under one of the categories.

If you feel that your business doesn't fit under one of the categories, then please message me with a suggestion. fraser@mctweb.co.uk

The business is already on there.

I have added some businesses already. If you would like to change an entry, then register, add your details and I will ensure the old one is replaced.